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The Racquet Stringers Manifesto








  • Racquet stringing is an art.
  • Racquet stringers are artists.
  • Racquet stringing is as old as tennis itself.
  • No professional tournament could take place without stringers.
  • No club tournament could take place without stringers.
  • Every stringer should make a statement by declaring “I am a stringer & proud of it”.
  • Strength comes from unity, Stringers unite!!
  • Stringers who get certified are contributing to the awareness and of the importance of the stringing profession.
  • Stringer Power is alive
  • Stringers need to stand up and be counted
  • Racquet stringing is a profession & as such needs to be recognised.
  • A racquet stringer can make a difference by making his or her voice heard
  • ParnellKnot wants to be the brand to bring stringers together under one logo.
  • ParnellKnot is the brand that wants to make a fashion statement for stringers.









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